The Elf on the Shelf

Bianca Schnerre

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The Elf On the Shelf typically floods twitter and facebook around December with parents posting and debuting the usually sweet, silly actions of the elves each morning. I think it is very cute to see the posts because they are very funny, creative and in some cases oddly detailed. The Elf’s purpose is to watch and monitor the children’s behavior through the holiday season. In The Elf on the Shelf book it states each night the Elf returns to the North Pole and reports the behavior of each child to Santa Clause. Santa Clause would then be able to further determine if that child is on the naughty or nice list. Now keep in mind the story claims the elf goes to the North Pole, reports, and then returns to the home claiming a new spot in the house each night.

The Elf on the Shelf which is now a popular holiday tradition came from one family’s small tradition. It stemmed from an ornament and the idea was later implemented into the elf with new rules. One of the founders explained when they were little they were able to tell the elf what they wanted for Christmas so it could report to Santa and do good deeds because Santa would know about them. The founder also talked about how it was very fun and whimsical for her and her siblings and they would race out of bed in the morning. The family’s elf tradition was then later created into the iconic elf and book set it is today.