Juice WRLD’s Death


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Gabby McConaghy, Writer

Many rappers are dying in their early twenties. A few of these rappers included Lil Peep and TuPac. This weekend, another rapper was taken. Juice WRLD was in Chicago Midway Airport and died from a seizure. TMZ reported, “Juice’s autopsy came back and said he had unknown pills in his system.” A week before the tragedy happened, Juice’s private jet was raided by feds. They brought drug-sniffing-dogs to search his bags but ended up finding nothing but after a few days, Fox News said the federal authorities ended up finding  six bottles of “suspect” liquid codeine, in addition to three firearms and 41 bags of suspect marijuana on Sunday after the rapper’s jet landed at Midway Airport. After they landed, his bodyguards were arrested and stripped of their weapons. Fox news said, “The first bodyguard, Christopher Long was arrested on Sunday at approximately 2 a.m. with one misdemeanor count of carrying and possessing a firearm in the first degree. The second guard in Juice WRLD’s entourage who was arrested is Henry Dean. He was charged with one misdemeanor count of carrying a concealed firearm in an airport and a second misdemeanor count of sale and/or possession of a high capacity magazine and metal piercing bullets.” Juice didn’t want to spend the time in prison so he took 7 pills, had a seizure, and passed away. Juice’s girlfriend repeatedly told the police that he took “Two doses on Narcan and had a drug issue.” Many people think he faked his death because of a lyric in one of his songs, “We ain’t making it past 21.” but his family has confirmed he has passed away and they mourn his loss and miss him dearly.