Thanksgiving Break Review

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Thanksgiving Break Review

Mary Mount, Writer

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Seniors; Jenna Woolley, Taylor Kimball, Josh Johnson, and Cameron Campbell were asked how their break was and what they enjoyed.

Jenna W:

Q: What did you do over break?

A:” I went black Friday shopping and spent way too much money, then on Saturday I went to a Friendsgiving and played games.”

Q:Did you spend time with your family on thanksgiving day?

A:”Yes, we had Thanksgiving at my house with my family.”

Q:What was your family purchase on black Friday?

A:”A mini christmas tree for my room.”

Taylor K:

Q:What did you do over break?

A:” I went black Friday shopping and sadly spent $160, took a nap, and I had two thanksgivings and then a Friendsgiving on Saturday.

Q: Did you spend thanksgiving day with family or friends?

A:” I spent the day at my Aunts with my family and got to hangout with my little cousins.

Q: What was your favorite part?

A:” Getting to dress up on Saturday and spend the day with all my best friends.”

Cameron C:

Q:What did you do over your break?

A:”I went to Florida and spent my thanksgiving racing dirtbikes as well as eating.”

Q: Did your family go with?

A:”No, it was just me and my dad. We had McDonalds for Thanksgiving dinner.”

Q: How did you do in the tournament?

A:” I placed 3rd, 8th, and then 9th out of 85 kids in each class.”

Josh J:

Q:What did you do over your break?

A:”I had practice a lot, slept, and played Call of Duty.”

Q: Did you spend Thanksgiving day with family?

A:”All my family lives 8 hours away, so I just hung out at home.”

Q: How did your basketball tournament go?

A:” It was really fun, we won; it was a great week.”