Mental Health Initiative

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This year, NHS is devising a project to improve mental health through awareness and actively helping those with mental health issues. For those who do not know, NHS stands for National Honors Society, and during the initial meeting of our NHS members, the topic of mental health was brought up. As such, we have decided to make mental health one of the severals agendas that we are working on this year.

First, NHS will release an anonymous survey on the Scarlet Ink. We would greatly appreciate our readers to answer the survey honestly and to the best of their ability. Since it is completely anonymous, nothing that you say within the survey can be traced back to you, so don’t be afraid to be open with issues you may be having. Based off of the survey results, we will customize our plan moving forward to improve in areas that the school may be lacking.

Our goal with this initiative is to improve mental health within the school, however, instead of our faculty pushing this initiative, it’s our student body. Speaking from personal experience, I understand how it may often feel as if the school simply does not care. In order for this to be effective, we, the students, are at the forefront of the initiative. The effectiveness of the initiative is partly in the hands of NHS members, but it is also dependent on the rest of the student body. So please, encourage everyone around you to be open-minded with this initiative.

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