Anime Suggestion of the Week


Lauren Handley

School may seem boring, but at this school in a certain classroom things have taken a weird twist. The students have been tasked with the near impossibility of killing their weird alien teacher who wants to destroy the world. This anime is called Assassination Classroom. 

These students are the kids that have been discarded to some other building since they are the so-called “worst class.” If your grades are low enough you are sent to e-class. These kids are not only learning math and science and such but also the ways of assassination. They only have the school year to kill their octopus-like teacher, who they will later call Koro- Sensei, or the Earth will be blown to bits.

You may think that killing this weird alien would not be that hard, but it can regenerate, clone itself, become invincible, and move and fly at Mach 20. The only thing they have is some tools that can hurt him, but it is nearly an impossible task to do.

The class itself pushes themselves to become the best assassin because of the fact that they are being motivated by money. Now the weird thing is that they have an odd relationship with the teacher because he treats them and helps them do their very best at all times like any other teacher would do. So in the end, will they really be able to kill him. After all that they have been through and all the help he has done to improve their grades, individual skills, and to help them have a bright future and also the fact of how much he has grown to care for them. So maybe just maybe their world will stay intact.

This anime really shows that you can really do anything if you try no matter who you are. You may be a misfit, but that does not mean you will not succeed in life. With just a little help you can literally do anything you put your mind to. It also shows how friendship and teamwork are very important when you want to get things done in life.