Maid-Rite vs. Ross’ Restaurant


This time, we are doing a dinner! I went to Maderite and Ross’ Restaurant. At Maderite, I got Pancakes with strawberries on top and at Ross’ Restaurant, I bought banana pancakes. Maderite and Ross and both in Davenport and I would definitely recommend if you are looking for some breakfast instead of dinner.

Lets start with Maderite. Maderite was amazing to say the least. When I walked in, the waiters were so nice and they talked to us until we got our food. The food came in five minutes and I was super excited. The strawberries were bomb and the pancakes were great to! It was the perfect mix. I also tried my sisters chocolate chip pancakes and they were ok but not as good as the strawberry ones. The waiters were once again, extremely nice to my family and it was an overall great experience.

Now lets talk about Ross. The people were pretty nice but the tables were extremely dirty. Either they had a full house at eight o clock at night or they just never clean their tables. They didn’t come over to us at all unless we called them over and it was kind of sad. The food came out in ten minutes and that was really good because I had eight people with me. Lets talk about the pancakes. They were nasty. They tasted like throw up. Would not recommend.


In the end, Maderite wins. Madrite had amazing food and there customer service was amazing. I would definitely recommend!