Anime Suggestion of the Week

Anime Suggestion of the Week

Lauren Handley

Rin Okumura was never a normal kid it was just a well-known fact. His twin brother, Yukio, and he lost their parents when they were kids and were taken in by Shiro Fujimoto who was an Exorcist. Now you may be thinking wait, what. an exorcist. Well this anime is called Blue Exorcist and the impossible exists, like demons, and, well, Rin is actually half-demon and his father is really Satan.

One day Rin’s demon side that was stored in a sword was activated. His father figure was killed after he told Rin that he was not all human and who his father really was. Rin was in danger so he needed to be told the truth which caused Rin to lash out. The next thing you knew was Fujimoto was being possessed by Satan and was killed. During that period of time, Rin drew the sword from its case and he released his demon half.

After that, Rin’s life turns upside down battling the fact that he was not completely human and that the person he thought of as a father is dead. Also, he faces the challenge of becoming an exorcist to kill his real father, Satan. 

Rin is enrolled in True Cross Academy and into the exorcist cram school that was hidden on the campus. It is a whole new world that Rin will face alongside his brother and his new friends while trying to hide the secret of him being part demon. Overall it is an amazing anime that I definitely recommend you check out in your free time since the first season is on Netflix.