World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day

Bianca Schnerre, Writer

World Kindness Day is today, November 13th. It started out as a day of observation from the World Kindness Movement in 1997. The movement meat at a Tokyo-based convention. The convention included many institutions and associations from some of the following countries: Australia, Thailand, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The attendees of the convention listed were assembled at the convention because of their dedication to championing kindness in society. The convention of the World Kindness Movement was the cause of World Kindness Day.

The written declaration for the event stated that they “pledge to join together to build a kinder and more compassionate world.”


The World Kindness Movement said the purpose of World Kindness Day was “to highlight good deeds in the community focusing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness which binds us.”


Many kids experience bullying at school on a regular basis and teaching kids to be kind at a young age can help them and potentially others. People who are constantly kind produce 23% less cortisol, a stress hormone.