The Bears Finally pull off a W.


Morgan Schroeder, Editor

If you watch football or are an avid Bears fan you may know that they have been struggling a lot this season. This is shown by their losing record of 4-5. People don’t quite know exactly why the Bears are falling apart, but many say it is because of Quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky. With that being said the Bears finally broke their 4 game losing streak on Sunday against the Lions. 

The Bears won 20-13, and did show some improvements on offense as Trubisky threw 3 touchdowns. But, the offense still had a really slow start. They were down 6-0 when the offense finally came to life at the end of the 1st half. Trubisky then connected with tight end Ben Braunecker on a deep corner route to make the game 7-6 going into the locker room. Tarik Cohen and Taylor Gabriel also caught touchdown passes. While their performance wasn’t the best the team celebrated their small victory. 

Tarik Cohen had some words to say about Sunday’s performance. He said, “It was definitely a sigh of relief. When what we do in practice day in and day out happens on the field, it isn’t just us talking about it anymore — it happened. And then it spreads. So then you have other players who step up and also make plays.”

Next week the Bears face the 5-4 Rams. The Rams have also been having Quarterback trouble this year. As we know, Mitchell Trubisky’s struggles are no secret this season. Every week he has been scrutinized for his playing and weekly press conferences. But, that’s what happens when you’re struggling on a bad team that was supposed to be a Super Bowl contender. The Rams quarterback, Jared Goff, has also been struggling. It is said that he is struggling worse than Trubisky, which is weird considering that they went to the Super Bowl just last year. Goff is the former number 1 pick overall in the 2016 draft, but has had an overall completion rate of below 60% according to NBC Sports Chicago. Trubisky has managed a passer rating above 60 percent in four of his last five games. While Trubisky has a 85.2 passer rating this season, Goff’s is lower at 82.7. Trubisky has thrown eight touchdowns and three interceptions this season to Goff’s 11 touchdowns versus nine interceptions. Goff has a slightly higher QBR of 39.4 (which ranks 28th) while Trubisky has a QBR of 35.9 (which ranks 31st). You could say that the Bears are in better shape than the Rams because the Rams have already given Goff a huge extension, while the Bears have not. 


The Bears play the Rams on Sunday at 7:20 pm. 


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