College Football Playoff Rankings


Eli Kayser, Writer

The College Football Playoff is still a ways off, but the second rankings came out Tuesday evening. It went mostly as expected. In last week’s rankings, the top four were Ohio St., LSU, Alabama, and Penn St., respectively. This week’s top ten are:

1.) LSU Tigers (9-0)

LSU is in the well-deserved number one spot in the country. After a dominant win against Alabama this past weekend, the Tigers leapfrogged over Ohio State to take the top spot in the nation.

2.) Ohio St. Buckeyes (9-0)

This season, the Buckeyes haven’t had very much competition. They will play their two hardest games in the last three weeks, playing against Penn State and Michigan. If they win both, they will move on to the Big 10 Championship and have a good shot at making the Playoff.

3.) Clemson Tigers (10-0)

Like Ohio State, Clemson hasn’t had very good competition this season, but their overall dominance has been enough to vault the Tigers into the number three spot.

4.) Georgia Bulldogs (8-1)

Georgia was looking just like any other of the top schools in the country, but then disaster struck. They lost to a South Carolina team who might not even make a bowl game this year. However, the Bulldogs have managed to pick themselves up and move ahead of Alabama to close out the top four.

5.) Alabama Crimson Tide (8-1)

This Alabama team is looking to miss the College Football Playoff for the first-ever time. The same team who has won two of the last four National Championships has not met up to expectations.

6.) Oregon Ducks (8-1)

Along with Utah, this Oregon team is blowing away the Pac-12 Conference. This Ducks team could make the Playoff, but would have to continue to dominate competition.

7.) Utah Utes (8-1)

This Utes team has about the same chances as Oregon to go to the Playoff. These two teams will almost definitely meet in the Pac-12 Championship, but the winner would need some teams higher in the rankings to lose in order to have a good shot.

8.) Minnesota Golden Gophers (9-0)

This Minnesota team has been fun to watch. This past weekend, the Golden Gophers took down number four Penn State to prove that they mean business. If this team wins out, and then defeats Ohio State, they will have all but clinched a spot in the Playoff.

9.) Penn St. Nittany Lions (8-1)

Yikes. A loss to Minnesota has put the Nittany Lions in a bad place. This Minnesota team has seriously hurt Penn State’s Big 10 Championship and Playoff hopes. It would take a lot to pick themselves up.

10.) Oklahoma Sooners (8-1)

The Sooners are the Big-12 Conference last hope for the Playoff. While Baylor remains undefeated, a close win to TCU shows that the Bears are beatable. I can’t see Oklahoma losing in the Big-12 Championship, but other conferences’ competition is too high.