Senior Interview – Grace Fenton

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Senior Interview – Grace Fenton


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Q: What are you passionate about? 

A: “MMA because I love doing. I’m also passionate about my job, because I enjoy doing it.”

Q: What’s something you do that doesn’t feel like a job? What is your job? 

A: “I enjoy being a private CNA because I like taking care of people. My job is enjoyable because of the one person I take care of.”

Q: If you had no limits, what would you choose to do? Who would you spend it with?

A: “Leaving without anyone knowing where I am. I want to be alone.”

Q: Who do you admire? Why? 

A: “Tj Oshie because he’s my husband and really good at hockey.”

Q: What irritates you?

A: “People, because they are annoying.”

Q: How hard are you willing to work to get what you want?

A: “I’m pretty willing to do whatever I have to and it depends on what it is.”

Q: What’s something you’re good at? Something you’re bad at?

A: “I’m good at not caring what other people think of me. I’m bad at trusting people I shouldn’t.”

Q: What makes you proud of yourself?

A: “I’m actually going somewhere in life.”

Q: What’s something you wish you were good at?

A: “I wish I was good at math because I’m going to need some of it for nursing.” 

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: “I will be a nurse practitioner in pediatrics and I will have one kid.”

Q: What career did you want as a kid? Has it changed?

A: “I wanted to be a lawyer because I was good at arguing. Now I want to be in the medical field because I like helping people and kids.”

Q: Do you want to go to college? Why or why not? If yes, which one?

A: “Yes, I’m going to Back Hawk and then I’m going to transfer. I’m not sure where I’m going to transfer yet, either somewhere in Texas or SAU.”

Q: What would people who know you, say you’re good at?

A: “People say I’m good at talking back. And Mrs. Stannke says I’m good at my MMA stuff.”