Fry Face-Off


Madison Hanson

This week I was hungry, not so much anymore, but either way I decided to eat a lot of fries. I was already going to Chick-fil-A to get chicken nuggets and I wanted to go get a frosty anyway. I decided to get some waffle fries from Chick-fil-A, some cheap dollarish fries from Wendy’s, then I got some McDonald’s fries too.

So, I’ve decided to separate this into 3 categories:

Aroma: Chick-fil-A easily smells the best, Wendy’s is second, then McDonald’s smells like flaming hot garbage.

Taste: Chick-fil-A tasted good but was lacking in that nice sodium, Wendy’s was fine but it’s saving grace was really just the frosty. McDonald’s tasted like my childhood so I leaned towards them more, but they also just had the most flavor.

Texture: Chick-fil-A didn’t have the worst texture ever but they were very crunchy, Wendy’s was easily the worst because it was so soggy that it almost felt like they soaked it in water before giving me the fries. McDonald’s was the best because it was the perfect amount of soft and crunchy.

So, in a whole, McDonald’s had the best fries and Wendy’s had the worst, I was disappointed because I thought I loved Wendy’s fries but I guess not because they were absolute trash.  Chick-fil-A was a close second but they were very plain and reminded me of chips, I know that’s not a great comparison but I’m really just not a fan of crunchy, they make me upset.