Football Season Recap

Kasey Filler, Writer


Coming off of last season with losing so many amazing seniors, people didn’t expect much from this team. With hard work in the off season and determination to prove everyone wrong, they did just that. Their first game of the season was at Monmouth Roseville. Monmouth has a very good football program, so they knew the game wasn’t going to be easy. They came out, worked hard, and ended up on top. Winning their first game really gave the team a boost of confidence. Week 2 was their first home game and they beat Kewanee. Going into week 2, being 2-0, they were very excited to be playing Rockridge at home. They ended up beating Rockridge in a very exciting game, ending week 3 being undefeated. Princeton was the next game they had this season, and this was the first game they lost. The Homecoming Game was against Fulton. After 4 very exciting quarters we ended up losing by one point which was disappointing. In the second half of the season they lost to Sterling Newman, and Morrison. They beat Bureau Valley and Riverdale. Ending the regular season 5-4, they got into the playoffs with a tough first round matchup against Sterling Newman. Having already lost to them this season they really were hoping to win. It was a very cold and very exciting game. Unfortunately, they ended up losing and this was the end to their season. Considering they weren’t expected to win a game this season, getting into the playoffs was a big accomplishment. 


Here’s a mini interview with, Senior, Ben Dunlap.

What was the most memorable moment this season?

“When coach Brown head butted Kobe at halftime of the Fulton game. That was super funny.”

What made this season different than the others?

“This season, nobody really expected much out of us and we still made it to playoffs.”

What’s one thing you regret from this season? 

“I wouldn’t change a thing.”

What will you miss most about this season?

“I will miss going to practice everyday, Friday Night Lights, and hanging out with my friends everyday.”