Best/Worst Halloween Experiences


Madison Hanson, Writer

As a Junior, I’ve lived through about 16 Halloweens, of course I don’t remember a lot of them. Although growing up Halloween was my entire family’s favorite holiday, as well as mine. We always loved the costumes and the candy, and ordering Crazy Bread from Little Caesar’s every year. Since I’ve loved Halloween my entire life and had it built into me, I’ve also moved away from my family and also halloween itself. Throughout the years that I’ve lived in Orion, my Halloween experiences have slowly gotten worse.

Last Halloween was by far the worst, I was shoved into a car for hours with a girl that I never met and jeez did I hate her. It’s mean but she just kept singing the entire time and going on about how she was in show choir, and while I’m definitely not a good singer, she also wasn’t.

So, out of hope that I wasn’t the only person who’s had terrible experiences on Halloween I decided to ask people their best and worst experiences.

Suveah Gritton: My worst experience was when my mom made kitty litter pudding, I was so embarrassed that I kept running back into my house because I didn’t want to see anyone while I was holding my bowl of kitty litter. My best was when I won an entire bag of candy because I guessed a pumpkins weight by comparing it to Madi.

Jamie Hoxsey: My best Halloween was when I dressed as a Twister board, my worst was when I got so scared at a haunted house that I went to the wuss-zone and cried.

Madison Farr-Schroeder: One Halloween, it was so cold that all my makeup started to crack and freeze off, so that was probably my worst. My best was Freshman year when I walked around town with Brayden and you.

So, while I wish more people had nightmarish Halloween stories I can at least take comfort in the fact that I’ve never peed my pants or thrown up on Halloween.