Student of The Week: Olivia Farwell

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Student of The Week: Olivia Farwell

Mary Mount, Writer

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Olivia farwell is a senior at OHS. She participates in volleyball, basketball, Choir, and FCA.

Q: “What is your favorite thing about senior year?”

A: “How easy my schedule is this year.”

Q: “What do you plan on doing after high school?”

A: “Going to college to become a pediatric nurse.”

Q: “What is your favorite show currently?”

A: “Gossip girl.”

Q: “Who is your celebrity crush?”

A: “God.”

Q: “What is your favorite food?”

A: “Any type of soup my dad makes.”

Q: “What is your favorite high school memory?”

A: “When I found out last year at basketball I could do the splits.”

Q: “How do you think FCA is going this year?”

A: “It’s been good, because we have a strong group of leaders this year.”

Q: “What will you miss most about volleyball?”

A: ” Eating bagels every sunday morning at practice, I don’t eat bagels in my free time otherwise.”

Q: “What is your favorite class this year?”

A: “Psychology, because I can finish my work early and have a free period the rest of the week.”

Q: “What are you most excited for this upcoming basketball season?”

A:”Getting to hopefully play with my little sister on the team.”

Q: “Where is your dream vacation?”

A:”Well… I really wanna go to whales because that is where my family is from.”

Q: “What is your favorite store?”

A:”My mom’s closet.”

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