Senior Interview – Tanner Irey

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Senior Interview – Tanner Irey

Desi Godard, Writer

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This week I interviewed Tanner Irey to find out a little more about what he’s interested in and maybe what he wants to do once he’s out of high school. This is what I gathered.

Q: “What are you passionate about?”

A: “FIFA.”

Q: “What’s something you do that doesn’t feel like a job?”

A: “Eating because I’m just chillin when I eat.”

Q: “If you had no limits, what would you choose to do? Who would you do it with?”

A: “Go to a private island with my friends and play FIFA because it would be fire.”

Q: “Who do you admire? Why?”

A: “LaMelo Ball because my boy’s a savage.”

Q: “What irritates you?”

A: “When people smack their gum because its gross and annoying.”

Q: “How hard are you willing to get what you want?”

A: “Depends on what I’m trying to get.”

Q: “What’s something you’re good at? Something you’re bad at?”

A: “I’m good at FIFA. I’m really bad at staying focused in a class with Jacob in it.”

Q: “What makes you proud of yourself?”

A: “Whenever I beat Jacob and that happens a lot.” 

Q: “What’s something you wish you were good at?”

A: “I wish I could jump higher so I can dunk.”

Q: “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”

A: “I can’t physically see myself but I’ll probably be chillin like a villain.” 

Q: “What career did you want as a kid? Has it changed?”

A: “I wanted to be a Police Officer but I’m not doing that now. I have no idea what I want to be now. I’m just gonna go to college.”

Q: “Do you want to go to college? Why or why not? If yes, which one?”

A: “I don’t want to go, but I’m gonna go. I’m not sure where I want to go but I want to go somewhere close to home.”

Q: “What would people who know you say you’re good at?”

A: “He’s good at anything he does,” Cameron Campbell