Surprising Celebrity Ages

Kasey Filler, Writer

A lot of people see celebrities on TV, Social Media, or any other way you see photos of famous people. When you see pictures of celebrities I’m sure you hypothesis their ages. Here are some celebrities that are way younger or older than what you might think.

Pharrell Williams is a pop singer most famous for the song “Happy”. He is 45, and seems so much younger than that!

Lorde is also a singer. By the lyrics in her songs that she sings, the outfits she wears, the way she sounds, and how she performs makes her seem way older than she really is. She is only 23 years-old.

Sarah Hyland is a actress in the old “Annie” and “Blind Date.” She looks like she could be in high school still, but she’s only 28 years-old.

JoJo Siwa formerly on Dance Moms. She acts like she’s twelve still, but she’s already 16 years-old.

Loren Gray originally got famous from musically which seems like that was a thing a long time ago. When she was famous on musically I had always thought she was at least 16. Now she is only 17 years-old.

Taylor Swift has been making music for forever. It seems that she should be at least 30 years-old. She’s still in her twenties and started her career at 17 years-old.

Leave a comment if there’s any other celebrities you can think of that are younger or older than they seem.