Six Flags Fright Fest Review


Lauren Handley

Over the weekend I had a chance to experience one of the most popular events as Six Flags, Fright Fest. And I have to say it was a lot of fun.

To kick off Fright Fest, they start with the big performance which involves singing and dancing. Then, the next thing you know the train arrives carrying the freaks who run off the train and go around the audience trying to scare them. This honestly was hilarious with all the reactions that were being given.

I myself never was scared by the freaks, but some of my group weren’t so lucky. You see, each part of the park is divided into different sections like killer clowns, mad scientist/ lab experiments gone wrong, people with chainsaws, zombies, and so on. My favorite part of the park was probably the mad scientist and experiments section. I really liked this one person who was dressed as a porcupine guy who scared my little sister and our friend by walking up to them and just having a staring contest of sorts and then screaming in your face. This led them to try and use me as a shield. There was an iguana girl whose costume was just really cool to look at. There was also someone who scared the heck out of you by just standing on the retaining wall and then next thing you know she’s sliding across the pavement and getting all up in your face.

The makeup and costumes were very cool to see and they definitely put a lot of time and dedication into this whole event. There were so many different lights and fog machines and not to mention they turned the fountain into a blood fountain to add more effects to the event.

Overall, I found this event very entertaining and an experience I will never forget. If you ever get a chance to go to Six Flags during Fright Fest I say go for it. Yes, the lines may be a little longer than usual for rides, but the scares, decorations, and shows make it worth it.