Anime Suggestion of the week


Lauren Handley, Writer

“A sound soul… dwells within a sound mind, and a sound body.”  This is the opening statement in the anime Soul Eater by one of the main characters: Maka Albarn.

Maka goes to an academy for weapon meisters along with several of the other main characters. This school is run by Death himself. It is a world where humans can become weapons to collect evil souls that help with the process of their partner who is the weapon to become a death scythe. For this process you need 99 evil souls and one witch soul.

Maka’s partner is Soul Evans, who transforms into a scythe that she wields when fighting and collecting the souls. Also, there is Black Star whose partner is Tsubaki who can actually transform into many weapons that Black Star can wield. Then there is Death the kid, who you guessed it, is Death’s son. Death the kid wields twin pistols named Liz and Patty. Together, they act as a team. In the beginning, not so much of a team though since at one point they didn’t want to work together. They would rather fight each other due to their differing personalities.

Together and apart they have faced many obstacles that have left places in chaos. In the end, they are always fighting for what is right and just want to make the world a better place. Even if none of them have reached their missions of turning their partners in death scythes that Death himself would wield against the enemy.

This anime is the suggestion of the week because of how it focuses on friendship and partnership. Both are very important and can always be something amazing. It is important to be able to work in sync with someone. You see from all the characters how their friendship and their partnership just makes them stronger in the end.