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Lauren Handley

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FairyTail is one of the longest-running animes to date with over 300 episodes. This anime is filled to the brim with adventures, quests, and battles that the characters deal with together. This is an anime that overall reflects about friendship, family, and living life to its fullest. 

FairyTail is the name of the magic guild that the main characters are apart of. Each character has a unique power to them. The anime mostly revolves around the characters Natsu (a fire dragon slayer), Happy (an exceed aka a flying cat), Lucy (a celestial wizard so she uses keys called gate keys to use celestial spirits that have special powers of their own), Erza (she has requip magic that changes her armor and weapons which each have a special ability to them), Gray (an ice wizard), Wendy (a sky dragon slayer), and Carla (also an exceed). As a team, these characters can be very powerful. Unless, Natsu and Wendy are dealing with motion sickness or when Gray and Natsu are not fighting.

The guild of FairyTail is known as the most powerful guilds in the kingdom of Fiore, but is always doing costly damage on their quests. They always end up destroying something in the process of completing their quests and that is where the story begins. Natsu and Happy heard about something that could be related to Natsu’s dragon father Igneel, and they were in a town called Hargeon. Lucy was also in Hargeon at this time exploring and buying a new gate key. Natsu and Happy were investigating someone calling themselves Salamander. This person had several girls in a trance, including Lucy. They finally found this person and was able to get  Lucy out of her trance that she was placed under.

Later on , the Salamander reappeared after Lucy thanked Natsu and Happy with some food from a diner. After they helped Lucy the Salamander said he could get her into FairyTail, which was her dream come true. By saying this he lured Lucy onto a boat for a party with this bait. In the end, Natsu and Happy came to the rescue and in the process destroyed the entire port of Hargeon.  This was the best day for Lucy though because Natsu was actually in FairyTail and he took her there so that she could join the guild. That was also the day Lucy met her new family and would start going on so many adventures that would change her life for the better.

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