Football Game 6 Review


Tori Werkheiser, Writer

This past Friday, the Chargers took on the Homecoming game against the Fulton Steamers. Fulton is in our conference, which makes Orion now 2-1 in conference. The Chargers, unfortunately, had their second loss of the season, now being 4-2. However, in this game the final score was close being 27-26.

Throughout the entire game, the score kept going back and forth. Unfortunately, the Steamers scored first and last allowing them to win. Both teams were able to score in the first quarter, which gave both teams and their fans hope. However in the second quarter, the Steamers scored twice and the Chargers only being able to score once making the score 21-12 at halftime. At the end of the third quarter, the Chargers were able to make the score tight, now making the it 21-20. The fourth quarter was the most intense because it came down to every last second. The Chargers scored in this quarter allowing them to take the lead, 26-21. With only 39 seconds left in the game, the Steamers were able to score and take back the lead. Not having much time left on the clock, the Chargers struggled to make a comeback.

In this game, the Chargers were able to make some really good plays and add to the successful season stats. In fact, the standouts for this game were Coby Schultz and Ryan Jungwirth. According to the Quad City Dispatch, Coby had a total of three touchdowns, 53 yards rushing, and 68 receiving yards. With Ryan, he had 13 carries for 58 yards and was 7 for 18 resulting in 123 yards. He also had 3 scoring passes.

Another key play in this game was made by Junior, Jayson Johnson. Early in the fourth quarter, he was able to sack Fultons quarterback which resulted in a fourth down. This play gave the Charger team some hype.

This week the Chargers hit the road to take on Sterling Newman on Saturday, October 12th, at noon.