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Anime Suggestion of the week

Lauren Handley

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Tokyo Ghoul is one of the more popular horror animes of all time. This anime revolves around a world with “ghouls” who eat humans to survive, but not all of them are terrible because they find other ways to obtain their “food”. 

The anime’s main character is Ken Kaneki who was just a human who made the mistake of going on a date with the girl he liked. The girl is a ghoul named Rize that is known as a binge eater who eats more humans than necessary just for fun. 

Kaneki did not know this was one big set up to kill and eat him. She had noticed how Kaneki was infatuated with her and used it to her advantage so when their date came around,  she decided the right time to try to kill him was when she asked him to walk her home. She was scared and that was the perfect time. Next thing Kaneki knew was she was trying to eat him and then out of nowhere a huge steel beam fell on them and injured them and ultimately killing Rize.

Kaneki ended up having Rize’s organs transplanted into him as an effort to keep him alive. This ended up turning him into a half-ghoul and changing his life forever.   Along the way, he learned to live as a ghoul with the help of some other ghouls from a cafe that he always went to called Anteiku which was surprisingly run by ghouls. 

His life was turned upside down in a matter of minutes. He no longer knew where he fit in because he was part human and part ghoul.  He did not know what to do. He did not want this to be his new life he felt lost and scared, but thankfully with the help from the ghouls of Anteiku, he learned how to live again.

This is my anime suggestion of the week because of the fact that even when things seem like they are crumbling down around you you can always pick yourself up no matter how impossible it seems and keep on living. Kaneki had to learn how to live a whole new life, but in the end, it changed him in some ways for the better, even with the bad things that happened along the way.

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