Student Of The Week: Mckenna U.

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Student Of The Week: Mckenna U.

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Mckenna Unger is a junior that is involved in golf and fccla. She loves going to school events and has great school spirit!

Q:What is your favorite thing about junior year?

A: “Listening to Chad and Mr. Johnson in U.S. history or listening to Mrs. Stankdog going back and forth with Abram and Jerry.I also love the conversations between Desi and Mrs. Feldott (iykyk).”

Q:What do you love about golf?

A: “I think that I can always do better at the next meet, but that never seems to happen.”

Q:Are you excited about homecoming?

A: “Not really I kind of didn’t want to go this year but y’know yolo.”

Q:Do you have any ideas of what you wanna do after high school?

A: “I wanna go into Criminal Justice or psychology but those are smart fields so who knows.”

Q:Are you happy with the classes you decided to take?

A: “I wish I didn’t have to take a math class but it’s whatever. Anyways yeah I guess.”

Q:What is your favorite show right now on netflix?

A: “Mind Hunters because I find it very interesting.”

Q:What is your favorite sport to go watch?

A: “Football… or basketball probably because I get really into the games, unless they’re boring ones obviously.”

Q:How many siblings do you have?

A: “4, I have a 2 step brothers, 1 step sister, and 1 half brother.”

Q:What is your favorite drink at charged?

A:”For an energy drink, strawberry pineapple and white chocolate or for coffee white chocolate frozen.”

Q:Would you classify yourself as aVSCO girl?

A: “Lol yeah, I’m obsessed with the app but don’t look at mine because that’s just weird.”

Q: What is your favorite song/artist currently?

A: “My favorite country song is “Love You Too Late” by Cole Swindell but my favorite rap song is “iPHONE” by Dababy and Nicki Minaj.”

Q:Where do you want to live when you grow up?

A: “I want to live anywhere besides Illinois, there’s just nothing here. It’s boring. Maybe California or North Carolina.”

Q:What is your favorite clothing brand?

A: “I get ALL of my jeans from American Eagle. I’ve been trying to be dressy lately but I just end up going to Dick’s and buy more sporty clothes.”

Q:What is your favorite season?

A: “I like summer mainly just because I’m not stressed and I actually enjoy my life.”