What’s the Silliest Thing You’ve Cried Over?


Madison Hanson, Writer

We’ve all had long, rough days where we just felt like we could breakdown crying at any given moment. We’ve cried over small and childish things like grades and boys or even food. Life can be extremely stressful sometimes and the smallest can push you over the edge so I decided to search for some examples. So here’s a list of things of the silliest things people have cried over:

“My dad made sausage pizza, I don’t know why I cried” -Courtney Farwell

“I cried because my cheese fries didn’t have enough cheese. I also cried because my dad got me the wrong ice cream” -Lilly Emmert

“I cried because I couldn’t get the lid off my water bottle” -Ella Oliva

“While I was pregnant we made taquitos and I put them on a paper plate, and I dropped my taquitos on the floor and got hot sauce on my carpet” -Mrs. Cline

“Freshman year I cried because I really wanted to be a dog, they don’t have to go to school and all they do is sleep and eat” -Madison Farr-Schroeder

“I was in Journalism and Mrs. Kershaw had an empty bag of gummy bears on her desk, I started bawling over the smell of the gummy bears” -Morgan Schroeder

So, as you can tell, if you’ve ever cried over anything similar to this, then you’re not alone. I wish you all the best and hope you don’t cry over anything dumb soon.