What Jiggles Your Jello?

Kaitlyn Wilburn, Writer

Welcome to a new series all about pet peeves. To explain, Every other week I will be interviewing one student a week and ask them “What Jiggles Their Jello?”. This week I interviewed Jared Mohr and these were his responses.


“ People who are proud of being dumb.”


“Loud talkers.”


“Strong. Body. Odor.”


“People who use other people’s jokes.”


“Just being cringey.”


“People who have to sprawl out.”


“People who say ‘finna’.“


“People who are posers.”


“People who act sad for attention.”


“People who read in class the one time you are not allowed.”


“People who talk like Ty Comer.”


“People who have to do someone’s hair 25/8.”


“People who compliment the teachers outfit EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.”


“People who still play Fortnite.”