Athlete of the week: Tanner Irey

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Athlete of the week: Tanner Irey


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Q: What is your favorite part of soccer?

A: “Spending time with my teammates everyday.”

Q: What position do you play?

A: “I play defensive-mid or forward depending on the formation.”

Q: How many goals have you scored this year?

A: ” I’ve scored 9 goals this season.”

Q: Do you think you’ll win regionals this year?

A: “I think we have a better chance than the previous years.”

Q: What is your current record?

A: ” 7-4 but after tonight it will be 8-4.”

Q: Is it difficult without Josh as goalie?

A: “Not really. It’s different tho. Trey is doing good tho.”

Q: When do you play next and where?

A: “Tonight, at Limestone.”

Q: How long have you played soccer?

A: “Since kindergarten. So like 12 years.”

Q: Are your practices hard and if so, why?

A: “The first week is pretty difficult, a lot of conditioning, but then it’s pretty easy.”

Q: Who is your favorite professional soccer player or team?

A: “Ousmane Dembélé, he plays for Barcelona or France. He’s my favorite because I’m a God with him on FIFA.”

Q: What is the role of your position?

A:” As for forward it is to score and demid…well Spranger kind of does my job for me.”

Q: Does everyone on your team get along?

A:”Yes we all get along pretty well.”

Q:Do you want to play soccer in college?

A:”No, because the conditioning would be too difficult for me.”