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Drew DeKeyrel, Writer

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Welcome back to something that I am somehow still being allowed to do. This particular article will focus on something that we all do: dream.

I dream whenever I fall asleep, so I don’t dream often. However, when I do dream, as in when I finally fall asleep, I have extremely vivid and lucid dreams. Last night, I dreamed a most interesting dream that I thought I would share with you. For starters, I was in the high school parking lot, although it was larger than normal. Additionally, it was icy outside, for some reason. There were many of the students in the parking lot, but I did not care about them. I was too busy slithering across the icy ground like a snake. A few teachers were attempting to catch me, but I had the superior movement technique. While they were slipping and sliding, I glided around the parking lot like a majestic dragon of Chinese mythology. I also found someone throwing their trash in my car, so I slithered after them angrily. I also dreamt something else before this, but I can only clearly remember this part.

The downside of having these lucid dreams is that I continue dreaming for several minutes after I wake up. Last Friday, my mother attempted to wake me up. She came back in about thirty seconds afterwards and yelled at me to wake up. Unbeknownst to her, I was at work washing dishes, at least, in my dreams I was. I began to wonder how and why a customer was angrily yelling at me in the back of my job. I have once fallen asleep and woke up at 11, darting out of bed and standing in a cold shower muttering something about Ymir, the frost giant. I was in that freezing cold shower for about 15 minutes before I got out and starting freaking out about being late to school. My mother asked me what I thought I was doing at 11:30 at night. I was at a loss for words.

Basically, my sleep is unnatural, and half the time, I’m not actually consciously aware of what is happening.