10 of the Best Food Combinations

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10 of the Best Food Combinations

Gabby McConagh, Author

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Here are my favorite food combinations. I hope this makes you hungry.

  1. The best combination has to be Wendys chicken nuggets dipped in a chocolate frosty. You could also use french fries instead of chicken nuggets, but I love it with the chicken nuggets.
  2. Chicken nuggets and grape jelly
  3. Any deli sandwich and Lays chips. This combo adds the perfect crunch to your sandwich and is hands down amazing
  4. I know this one is common, but milk and chocolate chip cookies.
  5. Scrambled eggs and syrup. This combo is amazing because it adds a little sweetness to your eggs.
  6. Pillsbury crescent rolls and hot dogs
  7. This one is weird but cottage cheese and Cheez-its
  8. Peanut butter and bananas or chocolate and bananas
  9. Frozen strawberries and sugar
  10. I love cookies and lemonade because it gives me summer vibes