Things You Can do Instead of Going to Homecoming


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I have gone to homecoming every. single. year. Starting Freshman year I remember dancing to “Shots,” screaming with friends, and leaving to go to QC Entertainment. The next year I felt the same joy and excitement that I felt the year before and I went all out. You know what I mean, dress from Special Effects, bought makeup, and did my hair. Then I went to homecoming and sat at a table listening to music and not dancing for 2 hours. This year the excitement hit me again, I tried on dresses and bought some makeup, then in one quick moment decided I wasn’t going. Since I suddenly gave myself the task of coming up with something to do that night, I thought I might as well help some of you out too.

So here’s a maybe helpful list of things you can do instead of going to homecoming:

Go Haunted Housing

Factory of Fear opens at 7pm on October 5th and would be a great place to go with a friend or two so you can take turns trying to scare each other.

Go to the Movies

There’s multiple movies coming out this fall such as It: Chapter 2, Downton Abbey, and Rambo: Last Blood.

Watch Netflix

There’s literally thousands of movies on netflix to choose from and when all else fails you can just watch The Office again.

Go Bowling or Play Laser Tag

Bettplex is a great place to play laser tag or go bowling, there’s also always  an option to do escape rooms to and it can easily take up a big part of the night and make a million times more fun.

So, now you have a list of a million things you can do instead of spending all of your’s and your parent’s money on dresses, suits, makeup, and big dinners and you can just go get a pizza instead. But no matter what you choose, I hope you all have as much fun as possible this homecoming!