7 Kids, One Desk

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Have you ever sat in a desk and the chair was awkwardly warm and you wondered who just sat in this desk? Well today, I am going to call them out. I interviewed seven students that sat in one chair in the class. In Profe’s room, I asked the kids, “What do you think about the current 8-point grading scale?” Here are their responses:


I first interviewed Profe and she said: “It doesn’t effect my grading because I assign my grades based on letters and not points. If you are here and participating then you get an A.”

Period 1 Spanish is Maggie Nedved and she said: “I do agree with the current grading scale.”

Period 2 Spanish is Zoe Larkins and she says: “I agree because it doesn’t bother me because my grades  are fine. It would be nice to change it for others though.”

Period 3 Spanish is Taylor Kimball and she said: “I agree because if we didn’t have it, our high honor group will get bigger.”

Period 4 Spanish is Thea Brown and she says: “No, I don’t agree because I feel our grading scale is harsher than other schools.

Period 5 Spanish is Luke Moen and he said: ” I’m fine with it.”

Period 6 Spanish is Nathan Schmol and he says: “I don’t really care about it.”

Period 7 Spanish is Jake Frederickson and he said: “I don’t agree. The scale is way too strict. Other schools in our area use a 10 point which seems to help students in other schools.”