Favorite Memories at OHS

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Favorite Memories at OHS

Lauren Handley

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Orion High School has been in full swing since August 13th. For some of us, this is our last year here. For some, they are in the middle of their education, and others are just starting out. This is a place that will make an impact on your life with memories and moments that you will want to remember for the rest of your life. High School is not as bad as you think. Here are some of your classmates favorite memories and moments from their high school years.


¨Bri and I were singing in the back of choir singing a song called “La Danza,” and Mr. Haley noticed us and we just cracked up laughing for five minutes.¨ – Zoey Harris


¨Meeting Mr. Lister.¨ – Ashley Shewell


¨Getting to opt. out.¨ – Ella McConaghy


¨Anything music-related has always been a good memory!¨ – Katelyn Border


¨Mrs. Peterson’s study hall.¨ – Jamelyn Hoxsey


¨Hanging out in the library/stage with the other drama kids.¨ – Emily Houdyshell


¨Balloons in Chemistry I with the one and only Mr. Slaton.¨ – Arielle Monson