Marching Band Interview

Kaitlyn Wilburn, Writer

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This week I asked some of the marching band members some questions about their opinion on marching band this season. These are these responses…


Question 1: What is one thing you are most excited for this season?

“I like the songs alot and I enjoy playing them.” -Anne Carlson

“I am excited for more work with the band director and how the season goes because the performance is already looking really good” -Arielle Monson

“I’m most excited for the late nights with my close band friends “and to scream to “Africa” and “Take on Me” on the long band bus rides.” -Molly Vestal

“The new show, the new director, and having two drum majors. The show this year is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait for our first football game. The new director is doing absolutely fantastic and I really like her. And the drum majors are doing fantastic, we have two this year, which isn’t all that common for a small marching band, but it really works out with our show this year.” -Leah Manning


Question 2: What is your favorite part about marching band? 

“Playing the music, I’m not a big fan of marching but I do it because of how much I love my instrument.” -Anne Carlson

“How everyone is included in some shape of form instead of sports how people are benched.” -Arielle Monson

“Dodging judges during a competition.” -Molly Vestal

“My favorite part about marching band is either hanging out with my friends, or the bus rides to competitions. The bus rides are so amazing, and I have so many memories from last year that happened on the bus.” -Leah Manning


Question 3: what is the hardest part about adjusting to a new director? 

“They don’t know what you have done in the past and it is hard emotionally because of how attached you were to the last director.” -Anne Carlson

“Just the different conducting and teaching styles and just kind of learning how a new person operates and teaches.” -Arielle Monson

“There’s nothing hard about it. Ms. Heiberger is the best thing that has ever happened to our band!!” -Molly Vestal

“The hardest part about having a new director is probably getting used to how she teaches, especially since I had Ms. Hays since I was in 6th grade. But she’s doing a fantastic job with teaching at the high school and the middle school.” -Leah Manning


Question 4: Would you ever consider trying to learn a new instrument?

“Yes, I want to learn cello and I would be interested in buying a new instrument because it is like a creative outlet for me” -Anne Carlson

“ I would, yea.” -Arielle Monson

“Well, since I already play the largest instrument, I would love to learn how to play the smallest instrument! Like a harmonica!” -Molly Vestal 

“Probably not, since I’ve played the clarinet since I was in 6th grade, I feel like it would be hard to try and learn a new instrument after having a clarinet for so long.” -Leah manning



Question 5: What is the hardest part about marching band? 

“Sometimes it is the people and sometimes it is the marching because it is tedious and when someone does something wrong you get points off and it is meticulous.” -Anne Carlson

“I think for our band it is getting music down and I know that we have gotten points off from a musical standpoint and it is quite difficult moving and playing at the same time.” -Arielle Monson

 “Saying goodbye to a show that you spent 3 months putting sweat, blood, and tears into. After learning 40 sets of drill, memorizing 4-5 songs, and hearing “push and one…reset” what feels like a million times, it’s hard not to fall in love with your shows. At the end of each season, we have to put our Speedsters and cowboy hats away and pull out our stands for Concert Season. However, we always keep the long nights and inside jokes in the back of our minds.” -Molly Vestal

“The hardest thing about marching band is the sets. It might look really easy but sometimes you might get ran over by drum line, stepped on, or hit with a flag. Which all of those are scary to go through, but the more and more we practice the better we get and hopefully will avoid those possible problems.” -Leah Manning