Varsity Soccer


Eric Erdmann, Writer

The boys’ Varsity soccer team has a record of 4-4. The soccer team is having their ups and down with the season by losing some super close games. They have games coming up Friday the 6th at home, starting at 5 before the football game. Also, Varsity has a game Saturday the 7th at Riverdale starting at 11 with JV following.

I quickly asked seniors Jacob Kruse and Kaleb Smith some questions about the soccer game and the season.

Q1: Do you think the team played well in last night game against Abington-Avon?

A1: “Yeah, we played good as a team and kinda destroyed them.” ~ Kaleb

“We started off a little slow, but as the game progressed we turned it around.” ~Jacob

Q2: What do you do to get ready for the games?

A2: “We focus during our team warm-ups and listen to some music.” ~ Kaleb

“I stretch, get touches on the ball, and put on my headbands.” ~Jacob

Q3: What are some of your team goals for this year?

A3: “Win 20 games and never get shutout.” ~Kaleb

“We set goals to win 17+ games and to always be ready for game time. I also hope that everyone on the team returns their jackets at the end of the year.” ~Jacob

Q4: How has the team been doing this year?

A4: “We are average right now, but it could be better.” ~Kaleb

“We’ve gotten off to a slow start with a record of 4-4, but we hope to turn it around in the following games.” ~Jacob